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MacGruber Movie Red Band Trailer

Surprisingly, the SNL skit MacGruber (a parody of the TV series MacGyver) has been turned into a feature film.  I enjoyed the skit for what it was (click here for my favorite MacGruber), but I’m not entirely sure there is enough to carry a feature film.  Below you will find the red-band trailer.  In other […]


MacGruber: Father and Son

This is hilarious! Shia Labeouf on the Saturday Night Live skit MacGruber! Umm… and not definitely not appropriate for kids.


‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ ~ My Son’s Thoughts (age 9)

This year I decided the whole family should watch It’s a Wonderful Life together.  I was the only one in the family that had seen the movie before.  As far as I’m concerned, this is one of the greatest holiday and “feel good” movies ever made. If you’ve never seen it, be sure to watch […]

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