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Supergirl Party on the Horizon

My tremendously awesome wife recently picked up these party paper goods.  I foresee a Supergirl-themed party in my daughters near future.


Best of DragonCon 2008 Costumes!

I’m closing out my DragonCon 2008 coverage with my favorite costume photos.  Some have been shown here previously, but they bear repeating.  To see all of my DragonCon photos, be sure to visit my Flickr page.  If you have a favorite costume that I left out, be sure to mention it in the comments. The […]


Ron Jon’s – a geek connection

If you’re anything like me, you’ve made the drive to Orlando numerous times.  And if you’ve ever taken I-75 south from Lake City and then gotten on the Turnpike to Orlando, you know there is really only one thing that makes the drive bearable.  The Ron Jon Surf Shop billboards. In fact, you may remember this specific billboard… […]

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