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REVIEW: Eureka Graphic Novel

While on the cruise, I finally got around to reading the Eureka graphic novel from BOOM! Studios.  I was pretty exited to see the story was by the Eureka TV show creators Andrew Cosby and Jaime Paglia.  That tells you right away that it’ll be faithful to the series.  In interviews the creators have referred […]


Eureka – I love this show!

I’ve been watching the second season of Eureka on DVD recently.  This series is really so much fun!  I especially like that the whole family can enjoy it. If you’ve never seen the series, it’s really fun and worth checking out. It’s sort of popcorn-Sci-Fi, or a gateway drug to real Science Fiction. Even my […]


Stargate Universe… my thoughts

After seeing three hours of Stargate Universe, I’m very impressed.  According to Wikipedia, the “industry” (whoever they are) has dubbed Stargate Universe as “dark and edgy”, a sentiment I would agree with.  It’s a solid show and I’ll continue to watch. So far I’ve only seen the pilot and the first episode.  After seeing just […]


And in Other Idiotic News… Sci-Fi Channel is changing their name to Syfy

The Sci-Fi Channel is changing their name to “Syfy” on July 7.  Yeah, I know.  WTF?!?! Apparently they think the name “Syfy” is cooler, much more cutting-edge, and much hipper.  Essentially they believe it’s more marketable.  According to one source, Sci-Fi Channel has been attempting to distance themselves from the term “Science Fiction” for years […]

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