Fun with toys

See what you can accomplish with too much time and far too many action figures?  Sometimes I frighten myself…

Justice League #1 reenactment with action figures

For you nutso comic-collector completists…. the following is for comparison purposes…

Justice League #1 Justice League #1 reenactment with action figures

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2 Responses to “Fun with toys”

  1. CATRsChris Says:

    You managed to create a great cover. I couldn’t believe when I ran into it while doing some web search, since I’m also working on some stuff for that Justice League era. Great coincidences, uh?

  2. Speed Reading: Justice League Re-Covered, Flash Humor, Blackest Night and More « Speed Force Says:

    […] Once Upon a Geek presents the Justice League #1 cover redone with action figures […]

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