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Indiana Jones Adventures

If you’re like me, you’re getting anxious for the new Indiana Jones movie – Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.  However, I thought it worth pointing out another cool Indiana Jones item on the horizon.  On June 11th, Dark Horse Comics will be publishing Indiana Jones Adventures Vol. 1.  This is a pocket-sized 80-page comic that is kid-friendly and should be fun for adults and children.  The cost is only $6.95, which is a bargain for an 80-page comic!

Dark Horse describes it as “a story for anyone looking for stunning visuals, thrill-a-minute storytelling, and one unmistakable archaeologist!”  Dark Horse is following the same model they used for their Star Wars Clone Wars Adventure series (based upon the popular cartoon mini-series).  That model being cartoon-style art, digest format publication, and targeting the book for adults and children. 

Indiana Jones Adventures

I realize some of you will automatically dismiss this as “kid’s comics”.  However, I gotta tell you some of the most fun comics being published today are these kid-friendly books.  Many really convey the excitement of comics, capture the colorful dynamic action, and have straight-forward plots without talking down to the reader.  As a comic reader, I find these types of books fun, refreshing, and adventurous.  Just a few examples of great kid-friendly comics on the market today include Power Pack, Marvel Adventures Spider-Man, and Franklin Richards.  Just remember how much you loved “Batman: The Animated Series”.  That’s a good example of an action-oriented series targeted at adults and children.

Gotta run.  No time for love, Doctor Jones!

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  1. i always thought Indy would make for a great comic, for some reason Marvel never quite nailed it (except for John Byrne’s 1st two issues, IMO). i’m glad to see them trying again.

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