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Star Trek Comic Book Advertisement – Nov 1984

The old Blue Devil advertisement I ran the other day seemed to be well-received.  So I decided to feature another old comic book ad today.  Here is a Star Trek comic book advertisement (November 1984) from DC comics.  This particular ad ran shortly after Star Trek III: The Search for Spock hit the theaters.  I’ve always wanted to read the mid-80’s DC comics Star Trek issues;  I understand they were pretty good.  Final thought, look at the art in this advertisement.  It looks great!

6 thoughts on “Star Trek Comic Book Advertisement – Nov 1984

  1. They are pretty good — I’m up to issue 20 of DC’s first series. The quality drops a bit after Mike Barr leaves, but I am hoping it will pick up again after some fairly weak, standalone “character” stories. The other thing I like about the series (at least, so far), is that, even after ST III, they kept modeling Saavik after Kirstie Alley (who, as Saavik, was pretty attractive!)

  2. “The quality drops a bit after Mike Barr leaves.” While true, this is not a sentence I would ever have expected to read anywhere.

    I’m up to issue #8 in my daily Trek stripping schedule myself.

  3. Scratch that. I just broke down and bought the first 20 issues from Mile High Comics. They were cheap and Mile High is offering an additional 30% off. Sweet!

  4. i have a feb 1984 collectors issue and and some 1966/67 los angeles magazine weeklys featuring kirk and spock on the front pages

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