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Upgraded to WordPress 2.5 **Big Whoopty-Do**

So I finally broke down and upgraded to WordPress 2.5.  When I first created the “Once Upon a Geek” blog, the current release was 2.3.  I set up the blog using version 2.3, got it just like I wanted it, and then launched “Once Upon a Geek”.  Something like 15 pico-seconds after I launched my […]


Breakfast of the Gods

I heard about this on THE UNIQUE GEEK list serv, so if you’ve already seen this I apologize.  It’s a webcomic called “Breakfast of the Gods” and it’s hilarious!  There are on the third issue now.  The cast features all your favorite morning cereal characters (i.e. Tony the Tiger, Captain Crunch… etc).  The storytelling is […]

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