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Upgraded to WordPress 2.5 **Big Whoopty-Do**

So I finally broke down and upgraded to WordPress 2.5.  When I first created the “Once Upon a Geek” blog, the current release was 2.3.  I set up the blog using version 2.3, got it just like I wanted it, and then launched “Once Upon a Geek”.  Something like 15 pico-seconds after I launched my site, they rolled out version 2.5.  And apparently there were enough upgrades that everyone and their second cousin have been pushing me to change up.

Well I’m on vacation this week, so I took some time to do it.  It was somewhat of a pain: deactivating all my plug-ins, seeking out versions of plug-ins that worked with WordPress 2.5, deleting and replacing all the files, reactivating plug-ins, etc … etc.. blah ditty-blah…

With all that said and done, I’ve finished updating the blog.  Now we just have to see if everything is working.  If you run across a bug, or some feature doesn’t appear to be working anymore, please give me a shout.

As always, thanks for reading.

3 thoughts on “Upgraded to WordPress 2.5 **Big Whoopty-Do**

  1. Yeah. I like WordPress, and have been using it for almost two years now, but they have got to come up with a better, and easier, upgrade method.
    It’s, really, the main reason why it has always taken me so long upgrade WordPress every time it is needed is because of the pure annoyance and aggravation of the process. It’s just a huge headache.
    I guess I could have just saved my pennies on the domain and used WordPress’s free blogging on their .com site but then I would not have the extra freedom to do everything that I currently do on my site now.
    As long as you followed their upgrade process, you should be fine. The only issue that may come, if it comes up, are the plugins you have installed. I’ve upgraded, probably, four times since using WordPress and have not had any issues so far.

  2. Thanks for the feedback. I was pretty nervous tackling this, so I put it off until I had lots of time to devote to it. I definitely went slowly and did everything they said. All told, I think I spent about 2 hours on it (but that was really researching every step of the way).

    Thanks for reading!


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