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Breakfast of the Gods

I heard about this on THE UNIQUE GEEK list serv, so if you’ve already seen this I apologize.  It’s a webcomic called “Breakfast of the Gods” and it’s hilarious!  There are on the third issue now.  The cast features all your favorite morning cereal characters (i.e. Tony the Tiger, Captain Crunch… etc).  The storytelling is really well done, the art gets better with every page, and it’s a decent page-turner.  I’m surprised every time a new major cereal icon shows up because I’m thinking, “Surely by now they’ve tapped out all the major cereal characters”.  But sure enough, a new one will turn up and I’ll slap my forehead thinking, “How on Earth did I forget about that character.”  I feel this series is vaguely reminiscent (with the tongue firmly planted in the cheek) of the Vertigo comic series “Fables”. 

So give these webcomics a try.  They’re Grrrrrrreat!

Here’s the cover of issue #1

Breakfast of the Gods

Here is the first page …

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