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The Softer Side of DC

Since I’ve already had a couple action figure posts this week, I thought this might make a fun one.  

Plush JLA

These are plushes I got from the WB store back when they were still open.  Man I miss that store.  They had the coolest merchandise.  In fact, you can find two other items I got from the WB store posted on my buddy Rob’s blog, The Aquaman Shrine.  The items are a JLA winter coat and a DCU animated picture frame.  While you’re there, poke around his site.  It’s really impressive (even if you aren’t an Aquaman fan).

2 thoughts on “The Softer Side of DC

  1. The WB stores were fantastic…and the one in NYC had a glass elevator with a life-sized Superman underneath that looked like he was flying it up and down. Great stores and it is sad they were closed down. Bastards!

    -Mat N., the Nifty Nerd

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