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New Aquaman Figure Coming from Mattel

Dude … Friggin’ Sweet!  Mattel keeps finding ways to get my money!  They are planning to put out quite possibly the coolest Aquaman figure of all time!  In 1986, there was a fantastic Aquaman mini-series by Neal Pozner and Craig Hamilton.  In this series, they gave Aquaman a new costume (supposedly designed to be underwater camouflage).  Regardless of the reasons for the new suit, the design was great.  This was a costume that looked like it belonged on a water-based hero.  While the mini-series is still fondly remembered by just about everyone, the costume did not last.  Tempest (formerly Aqualad) now wears a modified red version of this suit.  Nice job, Mattel!  As long as you keep making quality figures like these, I’ll keep buying them!

Aquaman in Camo Suite

Aquaman 1986 mini-series

My thanks to Rob over at The Aquaman Shrine for the heads up on this new figure.  Here is the whole group of Mattel DC Universe Classics figures they showcased at San Diego Comic Con.  The Blue Beetle figure looks great!  Also, check out these awesome JSA figures from DC Direct!

4 thoughts on “New Aquaman Figure Coming from Mattel

  1. Scott – Okay, I’ll give you a little there. I guess in hindsight, it does look a little ice-skater-ish.

    44 – Whatever.

    Rob – I agree. I would have been fine with this suit carrying on. It would be nice to see it again, even if it’s in a flashback story.


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