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Work and Geek Life Collide…featuring the Batmobile

This week I attended a day-long educational workshop related to my job.  The workshop was held in one of the meeting rooms at the Tallahassee Antique Car Museum.  It was a pretty good workshop with interesting speakers.  On a break, I was strolling through the museum thinking about the topics and real-world applications for use back at the office.  Needless to say I was in total “work mode”.  Then I rounded a corner and found myself face-to-face with a major piece of geekdom… Batmobiles!

Yup!  I said Batmobiles… as in plural.  I’ve known for years that the museum had at least one of the Batmobiles, but I wasn’t expecting all the items I found.

Here is the 1960s Batmobile from the TV series.  There was no sign, so I can’t vouch for whether this particular car was actually featured in the TV series, or if this is a replica.  Either way, it’s a really sweet looking car!  It’s amazing how a 40 year old design can still look awesome.

The 1960's TV Batmobile

The Batman Returns Batmobile.  According to the placard, this is one of two Batmobiles constructed and used in the filming of “Batman Returns”.  There is a corvette engine in this bad boy!  And for the record, this is my favorite Batmobile.  When I actually saw it with my own eyes, I was astounded.  This car is REALLY big. I’d hate to have to park it.

Batmobile from Batman Returns

Batmobile from Batman Forever.  Again, no sign so I can’t validate whether this is original or not, however, I imagine it’s the real article.  For the record, I don’t care for this design. It looks like a Hot Wheels car to me… hate the big fin on top.

Batmobile from Batman Forever

The 1960’s TV Bat-Cycle…

Batcycle from Batman TV series

…including the Robin sidecar!

Batcycle with Robin Sidecar

The Batskiboat from Batman Returns!  Neat to look at in real life.


Here is the Penguin’s Yellow Duck transport from Batman Returns.

Penguin's Duck from Batman Returns

So after picking my jaw up off the floor, I snapped these pics for your enjoyment.  Then I had to figure out a way to purge all my geeky giddiness and get back into “work mode”.  Eventually I was able to focus on the workshop, but there were fleeting moments of daydreams filled with, “Atomic Batteries to Power…”

4 thoughts on “Work and Geek Life Collide…featuring the Batmobile

  1. This place is right down the street from my house! I can’t believe I’ve never been. Fantastic pix.

  2. Any Batmobile from the Tim Burton movies you see in the US are replicas. They shot all the stuff with the Batmoblie in England and the originals are still there. I learned that from the guy who owned the short lived Heroes Museum here in Indianapolis, which had one of the replicas there.

  3. Man you are lucky. Those look incredible. The Batman & Batman returns batmobile is also my favorite, however, the batman begins batmobile/batpod is definitely a close second.. i just love it’s versatility.

    I do like the look of the batman forever batmobile. when i was a kid i just really liked it for some reason, it doesn’t hold a candle to the returns and begins vehicles.. but i still think it’s a very neat looking car, especially with the blue lights.

    My favorite batman vehicle would definitely have to be the batplane. i love the part in the movie when he flies up in front of the moon then just falls.

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