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Bat Week at “Views from the Longbox”

Bat Week at Views from the LongboxCheck back here tomorrow for the conclusion of my comic book t-shirt gallery.  Meanwhile…

If you haven’t been listening already, be sure to swing by “Views from the Longbox” and check out the week-long mini-series BAT WEEK!  From this past Sunday (August 17) through this coming Friday (August 22), there is a new episode of “Views from the Longbox” available for download each day.  All six of them are dedicated to the film exploits of the Caped Crusader himself, the Dark Knight Detective, one half of the Dynamic Duo … Batman.

Michael Bailey, host of “Views from the Longbox”, was kind enough to invite me to join him on this deep-dive into the Batman films. Along the way we mention peripheral items (such as trading cards), and even dedicate a whole episode to the Clown Prince of Crime himself, the Joker. To enhance BAT WEEK even further, Michael has been posting related YouTube videos on his site.

So be sure to check out the podcasts and his site!  It’s more fun than a barrel full of missile-launching penguins!

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