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What Is This Neon Blue Meat? The State knows…

The StateBack in 1993, MTV gave 11 recent NYU grads with virtually no entertainment industry experience their own show.  The result was a hilarious sketch comedy show called THE STATE that lasted until 1995.  While it’s been mostly forgotten by the general public, there are still several fans who remember it fondly (including myself).  Sadly the show is not available on DVD, despite an outcry from the fans.  Several of the cast members stayed together and have gone on to create other shows, such as “Viva Variety”, “Wet Hot American Summer”, and “Reno 911!”. 

I have fond memories of watching this show during my college years with friends like Serv, Farsol, Race, Ravenface, and Jon (all members of THE UNIQUE GEEK nowadays).  We were completely aware that the quality and production values were not as high as other established sketch comedy shows, like Saturday Night Live.  THE STATE really was an underdog.  The reviews were typically bad, so of course the college crowd latched onto the show and it gained a cult following.  Because that’s what you do in college, you root for the underdog just to be anti-establishment. 

There are a few skits that stand out in my memory.  Click here for my favorite video.

 Another of my favorites was a parody of the Justice League.  This was the first time I recall Aquaman getting slammed in a somewhat public arena.  I think THE STATE is partially responsible for setting off a chain reaction of funny that has made the last decade challenging for Aquaman fans everywhere.  I can’t embed this particular video, but you can view it on The Wonder Woman Pages by clicking here.

More information on THE STATE can be found at the following sites:

My thanks to Choco Taco for reminding me of this great show!

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