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Tenderness by General Public

For whatever reason, the 1980’s song “Tenderness” by General Public has been stuck in my head for two weeks.  While at Dragon*Con I would randomly burst into a chorus of, “Ohhhh, Tenderness”, which was immediately followed by Chocotaco’s call-back, “Where is it?!?!”   Chocotaco was kind enough to post the original MTV video to my Facebook.  […]


What Is This Neon Blue Meat? The State knows…

Back in 1993, MTV gave 11 recent NYU grads with virtually no entertainment industry experience their own show.  The result was a hilarious sketch comedy show called THE STATE that lasted until 1995.  While it’s been mostly forgotten by the general public, there are still several fans who remember it fondly (including myself).  Sadly the show […]

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