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Need More “Chuck” in Your Life?

ChuckDo you find yourself yearning for more “Chuck” throughout the week?  Do you find yourself thinking, Monday at 8pm just can’t get here fast enough?  Do you find yourself daydreaming while in Best Buy, imagining it’s the Buy More?  Well, I’m here to help those in-between days.

As I’ve mentioned before you can watch full episodes of “Chuck” online through  Additionally, you can pick up the Chuck comic book from Wildstorm (issue #4 should still be on shelves).

Now you can also watch a web-exclusive “webisode” of “Chuck”.  It’s only 81 seconds long, but it features a brilliant Agent John Casey moment!  Apparently, there are more of these webisodes on the way.  Yay!

You can also join the Buy More team at the website “Inside Buy More”.  You can choose to be a member of the Nerd Herd or a Buy More Sales Associate (Green Shirt).  There is a message board, employee training (a.k.a. games), and more available on this site.  I found myself playing around on this site far longer than I expected.  If you sign up, look me up under “Co-Workers” and add me as a contact.  You can find me as “OnceUponAGeek”.

Stop by and read Captain Awesome’s missives at “Captain Awesome’s Tips for Being Awesome!!”  This is a blog run by NBC and has some posts from Captain Awesome himself.

You can sign up to get text messages from NBC about Chuck.  I’m not sure what these are going to be (just signed up myself), but it indicates that I’ll get about five messages a week.  They better be full of awesome.

If you like behind-the-scenes things, then you can watch a few Chuck cast related videos from the 2008 San Diego Comic Con on

Of course if you feel like spending money, you can buy Chuck-related merchandise through the NBC online store.  I’m thinking about buying a Nerd Herd Lanyard before next year’s DragonCon myself.

Finally, if you happen to like Yvonne Strahovski (Agent Sarah Walker), then you might want to check out the website  Very nice.

See… now don’t you feel better?  You can get through your week a little easier with more Chuck in your life.

5 thoughts on “Need More “Chuck” in Your Life?

  1. Dude, i don’t watch Chuck, and i am sure i would get addicted just like you; however this post is a complaint. That &#$%^*% video…the muppet meat one…it was funny that day. EVERY time i come here to read your musings i have to stop it. ANNOYING. Annoying like a roommate who lets his friend crash on the couch and then that fool on the couch floods the townhouse. Ok maybe that isn’t right, but it is nonetheless ANNOYING! FIX IT!!!

  2. I’ll take care of the Muppet video tonight. Fair enough.

    And I was thinking about the Maytag Deluge of 1995 myself this weekend! LOL!

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