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Shades of Palpatine in the Economic Bailout

Obviously the financial crisis the world is facing is very serious business. However, the geek side of my brain keeps yelling at me every time I read an article on the bailout.

For example, click here for an article about the White House considering taking ownership stakes in certain U.S. banks.

Here is a snippet of text from the article…
“This official said all the new powers granted in the legislation were being considered as the administration seeks to deal with a serious credit crisis ….”

Is it just me, or doesn’t that sound a lot like the way Palpatine came to power? I’m just saying…

5 thoughts on “Shades of Palpatine in the Economic Bailout

  1. I see it now! It’s really not difficult to see comparisons between G. W. Bush and the Sarlaac Pit.

    Oops. I meant Senator Palpatine! G. W. Bush and Senator Palpatine.

    No comparison between a brainless monster with a stupidly large mouth and the current President of the United States was intended…

  2. You’re a liberal ain’tcha? I thought you basically WANTED to give all the power to the government and let them run everything.

  3. Keep in mind folks, the Federal gov’t. has created and toppeled the banking system 3 different times in this country. The current system is backed by the federal government regardless. FDIC insured…means FEDERAL Deposit Insurance Corp. Your money is backed by the Government anyway…The fact that they may take a 5-10% interest in the banks sounds good to me. It could make folks a little less likely to sell off bank stocks and if the stocks go up in value we could use the ‘profit’ or capital gain to pay down the National Debt.

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