All I Want for X-Mas is… the Sentry Dead

Okay, I’ve shared my thoughts on the Sentry here before.  You can read them by clicking here.  However, hope was renewed when I saw the cover of the upcoming Punisher #1.

Punisher #1

While I don’t truly believe they’ll kill the Sentry, you can’t fault a guy for hoping.

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2 Responses to “All I Want for X-Mas is… the Sentry Dead”

  1. Shig Says:

    My god… What is that rifle loaded with? I’ll never make fun of the Punisher (sorry… MISTER Punisher) again.

  2. Sonoftheweb Says:

    Shooting the sentry is like stooting wolverine though. They’ll both simpley heal from it and frank castle is no more by the way, daken made sure of that.

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