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Podcast Appearances

Just a heads-up… I appeared in a couple recent episodes of the Views from the Longbox podcast and The Unique Geek podcast.

Views from the Longbox PodcastViews from the Longbox Episode 59A & Episode 59B feature Michael and I marking the twentieth anniversary of the seminal Batman story ‘A Death in the Family‘. Yes, two decades have gone by since a poll was taken to determine the fate of the Jason Todd Robin and we look at it from all angles. Sure this story has been kind of rendered moot, but there is still much to discuss.

Views from the Longbox Episode 60 features Michael and I covering the 1989 Batman story ‘Mud Pack’.  I’ve never actually read the story, so I’m pretty much there just as the color guy.  We also discuss the current state of comics, as well as give some recommendations for other blogs and podcasts.  By the time you read this, he should also have the next episode uploaded in which we cover ‘Batman: Year Three’ and ‘Batman: A Lonely Place of Dying’.

The Unique Geek PodcastThe Unique Geek Issue #79 features the usual gang discussing the life and times of Michael Crichton (plus we sing a little Bon Jovi).

The Unique Geek Issue #80 features the usual gang discussing the current season of television, such that it is. And we prove without a shadow of a doubt that Jon is actually a teenage girl.

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