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Charlie Brown Manga-Style

I don’t really go for anime/manga stuff typically.  However, when I came across these manga-style Peanuts characters, I simply had to post them.  The concept is that the Peanuts gang grew up to be teenagers in modern times.

Lucie, Linus, and Charlie Brown

Violet, Peppermint Patty, Marcie, and Patty



Little Red Haired Girl


For Snoopy, the artist wasn’t sure which direction to go.  Here are his thoughts on the subject:

I still haven’t decided on a direction for arguably the most popular Peanuts character period.

So far it’s an older Snoopy….or Snoopy lives on through his off-spring. I not certain the mother should be revealed and I don’t want to have both Snoopy AND his kids around at the same time.

Snoopy’s attitude would virtually remain unchanged.

Prince would represent Snoopy’s pride, ego and his inherent ability to excel at most things he puts his effort into.

Penelope represents Snoopy’s general good side. The Snoopy that helps out Woodstock and participates in good causes.

Blockhead represents the side of Snoopy you don’t mess with. This is the Snoopy that dragged Linus around with his blanket, kicked the door of Charlie’s house when he is hungry and fought when he had to.

Again, anime/manga isn’t really my thing, but you gotta admit these images are pretty cool!

60 thoughts on “Charlie Brown Manga-Style

  1. No, they’re not cool.
    Wait, I didn’t mean it the way it sounds. I like people. I just don’t like the style of the drawn “round eye”. Anime.
    Now, maybe if the Peanuts gang was drawn differently as teenagers, different than the Anime style, I would probably like it.
    Also, I just noticed some hints at incest in one of these pictures. Isn’t Sally Charlie Brown’s sister? Yet the picture with Sally on Chuck’s back and Chuck is depicted with a emotional heart above his head. Most people would interpret that as a incest thing, as Chuck is in love with his sister.

  2. This totally creeps me out, and I agree with Ed about the Sally/Charlie Brown “Flowers in the Attic” situation. The artist did get Peppermint Patty’s budding lesbian vibe down, but I’m not buying what Linus is selling.

  3. Oh c’mon guys. Clearly Sally has skinned her knee and elbow rollerblading and Charlie Brown bandaged her up. She’s just loving her older brother. Nothing creepy there, just platonic sibling love. Geez. Get your minds out the gutter. Besides, there isn’t room in the gutter for all of us and you’re hogging my spot. 🙂


  4. Tell me this then: Where is Chuck’s hands?
    His right hand looks like it’s down his pants and I don’t want to state where his other hand could be.
    I don’t think it has anything to do with “mind in the gutter”. It’s just a fact of stating the obvious.

  5. Ed Dude! you’re killing me I think it’s cool, I like the concept, Charlie always took care of Sally and the artist is showing that the caring relationship is still there and try to emphasize “care” with the bandages

  6. WOW!!!! They are totally cool…peanuts was always too prim and propert and diddy-do-good…but these characters are really enticing…I’d love to read a manga about them…with slightly changed names so not to incur in any copyright hindrance…

  7. Where is Woodstock? Wasn’t he already kind of Manga with his feathered Punk ‘do? Look, I love my brother, too, but he was a baby the last time I nuzzled him the way Sally is nuzzling Chuck. It’s just wrong.

  8. I don’t see what the big deal is! Shag is absolutely in the right, here. I, too, have a close relationship with my sister. We’re each other’s best friend and protector. Whenever one of us has a problem, we back the other up. I thank Shag for not portraying the sibling relationship as something cheap and sordid, as *ahem* some on this board are interpreting it. I was my sister’s first kiss, and whenever one of us is having relationship troubles, the other will always be there with a ready ear on the phone, a ready bottle of wine at the door, or a ready hand for a backrub ^__^
    Thank you, Shag, for showing that a lifelong relationship of love and trust doesn’t automatically equal “gross incest”.

    PS I <3 Anime!

  9. A friend of mine posted a link to this on Facebook. Absolutely fantastic – keep up the good work.

  10. No offense, Chauncey, but your rebuttal wasn’t very convincing. Don’t take this badly, but it was like watching an episode of Bizarre Foods with Hannibal Lecter.

  11. Ed, please stop. your putting way too much thought into this. As a anime/manga fan, allow me to put my two cents in. I think the concept iss an awesome idea and It has me wanting to read a peanuts done in this style. While I respect your opinion on the style Ed, I don’t know why everyone complain about the eyes cause I don’t see it. If your problem with a art style is the eyes, you need to relax.

  12. No. My problem is with Anime altogether.
    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike all Anime. The stuff I have enjoyed are movies like Akira and I enjoyed a couple of episodes from The Animatrix (particularly, The Second Renaissance). But overall, in my opinion, it’s crap.

  13. I have to admit that is really weird but really cool. I also have to confess that I’d like to see some Peppermint Patty/Marcie ambiguous friendship, manga-style.

    Awesome post!

  14. Like what Ed, Maybe it not anime, maybe you’re just chosing to see anime with crap story. Seriously, tell me what the title are becuase I can tell wheather your picking anime with crapy plot. Check out any studio Gihibi film like Spirited Away or Howl’s Moving Castle. Or check out any title from the Gundam fanchise.

  15. The first drawing with Lucy, Linus, and Charlie Brown is stellar.

    The second drawing has an egg-cellent Marcie. I like the girl on the right side (a second Patty? Are there two Pattys in Peanuts???), but the girl on the left side (Violet) seems too short. Peppermint Patty looks pretty boring. Am I only now seeing something more than friendly between (the original) tom-boyish Patty and the unattractive Marcie? Seems like there’s a few couples like this in real life.

    Drawing three. Sally? The biker shorts make it work.

    Drawing four. Frieda. Pass.

    Drawing five. The red head. She really needs to be wearing the tiara (or was it a crown?)!

    Drawing six. Yeah, how do you make Snoopy work when he’s ten years older??? I like the surly Snoopy, second from left on top.

    Red Skull says “I’d buy the first issue!”

    Yeah. I don’t dig Manga either. I like the Akira comic and the Neon Genesis Evangelion show.

    Red Skull says that is all.

  16. Oh my god, I’m so embarrassed, I typo’d my own name on my comment! I have to stop posting with my frickin’ iPod touch, I love it so much but it was not made for typing.

    Is there any chance you can moderate my comment so my name is spelled correctly and I don’t look completely moronic?

    BTW, I’m linking to this article from my new tumblog – which just makes me all the more embarrassed about the typo.


  17. Have you ever heard of the play Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead? It’s told from the perspective of the Peanuts characters as teenagers.

    I’ll (hopefully) be producing it this summer. Your drawings have been a great source of production brainstorming.

    Do you have any more?

  18. Julie – Thanks for the comment. The drawings aren’t mine, but you can find more about the artist at the links in the post.

    Thanks again! Shag

  19. Ed & Erika you’re a dumb a**. Like seriously you can obviously tell that Sally wounded herself rollerblading and Charlie Brown came to her aid which is why he has the first aid kit in his pocket. His hand isn’t down his pants!! He just has his right arm under her knees and his other arm behind her to help keep her proped up so that he doesn’t drop her. He is simply giving his LITTLE SISTER a piggy back ride since she probably was crying and couldn’t walk blah blah blah. Yea they are older but he is still older than her. It looks like the artist made Charlie in High School and Sally looks like she might be in middle school. I have kids in both and my older ones do come to the younger ones aid if they are hurt. The heart just simply states that he cares about her and Sally’s head is down because she is obviously hurt and is appreciative of her BIG BROTHER. The picture doesn’t imply anything foul. Like seriously you need to grow up!!! Granted you may not like anime and I’m not it’s biggest fan either but you have to admit that the artist did a great job and has great creativity. Which is what the arts are about. I’m sure not everyone loves Picaso either but that doesn’t make his art not worthy of being appreciated.

  20. OMG this is soo cool I love how you drew them you are a great artist. Snoopy looks so cute! Keep it up this is awsm you rock!

  21. nice art man, you are totally an artist man, keep up the good work im 100% behind you!!

  22. you guys have got to be kidding me. ok im not even going to comment on the artistic styles of the work because i have been a die hard fan of the comics for years and i love the original. The idea that there is any kind of lesbian vibe with peppermint patty is absolutely preposterous. you guys sound sexiest in implying that a girl cant enjoy sports and still be a heterosexual woman. just because a character acts a particular way in a KIDS TV SHOW doesn’t mean she is gay. also if you look at the picture where charily brown is holding sally he is obviously only holding her. any one who has ever carried there little sister or any other girl can see this. he has one hand behind her back holding her up and the other hand is holding her leg. any other interpretation of this picture is an insult to the artist and his own personal character. so lets just drop the the childish innuendos and appreciate these images for what they are. a new artistic depiction of a classic cartoon.

  23. God, you people over-analyzed this waaaaay too much. Just appreciate the good artwork and stop wondering if Charlie and Sally have an incestuous relationship or if Peppermint Patty is a lesbo. Sheesh. And I always thought it was interesting when someone updates a classic like this. It looks great, even if you hate stuff like anime. That’s another thing I don’t get. Why would you hate anime? I’m not a huge fan myself, and if you don’t like that’s your opinion, buy why HATE it? Does it personally offend you? Even if the people who make it has ten times the artistic ability you do?

  24. What have you got against manga it’s just another form of drawing, if this was drawn like normal comics would you also be angry?

  25. Oooo! I love these! I just got into Peanuts and I love anime and manga to death! And for those who are crying a river about this and that: Peanuts is a American cartoon comic. Anime and manga are Japanese. IT’S THE SAME THINGS ONLY DIFFERENT STYLE OF DRAWING!!!!!!!!!! Get over it. Much of LITTLE BABIES! I give up on humanity -_-

  26. Dude this is awesome!!:D I have always wondered what The Charlie Brown Characters would look like in Anime form! >_< Thanks for makin them m(-_-)m

  27. I can’t believe it those look so fiegh will there be a comic? and will I be able to receive them???????

  28. i like the renditions very nice work…know where this comix can be purchased?

  29. Obviously there are a lot of people who would not understand love if it walked up and bit them on the A**.

    Personally, I like the art style. Keep up the good work.

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