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Charlie Brown Manga-Style

I don’t really go for anime/manga stuff typically.  However, when I came across these manga-style Peanuts characters, I simply had to post them.  The concept is that the Peanuts gang grew up to be teenagers in modern times.

Lucie, Linus, and Charlie Brown

Violet, Peppermint Patty, Marcie, and Patty



Little Red Haired Girl


For Snoopy, the artist wasn’t sure which direction to go.  Here are his thoughts on the subject:

I still haven’t decided on a direction for arguably the most popular Peanuts character period.

So far it’s an older Snoopy….or Snoopy lives on through his off-spring. I not certain the mother should be revealed and I don’t want to have both Snoopy AND his kids around at the same time.

Snoopy’s attitude would virtually remain unchanged.

Prince would represent Snoopy’s pride, ego and his inherent ability to excel at most things he puts his effort into.

Penelope represents Snoopy’s general good side. The Snoopy that helps out Woodstock and participates in good causes.

Blockhead represents the side of Snoopy you don’t mess with. This is the Snoopy that dragged Linus around with his blanket, kicked the door of Charlie’s house when he is hungry and fought when he had to.

Again, anime/manga isn’t really my thing, but you gotta admit these images are pretty cool!

60 thoughts on “Charlie Brown Manga-Style

  1. I hate to comment on comments that are now nearly four years old, but “Ed” is full of it. There is ZERO incest implies in the picture of Charlie and Sally. The artist’s own comment on the drawing is in his gallery, here:

    He states “When I approached Sally Brown, I decided to change her old fashioned like dress for something more streamlined. I thought “hair buns” seemed to be “in” and sacrificed her front curls for split bangs.

    Despite the verbal pokes they may exchange, Charlie and Sally will always care for oneanother.”

    Clearly, any thoughts of incest are in the eye of the beholder, not the creator. It’s simply an older brother giving hurt his little sister a piggyback ride, with an arm held behind to add support. Nothing sinister at all.

  2. I think they’re cool!! I would never want them to replace the original drawings of the Peanuts for like T.V. shows or anything but the concept is cool. It’s nice to see them grown up and not stuck in their little kid form.

  3. Snoopy. Go with The Old Mystic. Pei Mai or the traditional Martial Arts Master, like Grand Master Oogway from kung fu panda, or even Yoda. Thats my 2 cents

  4. Good grief Charlie Brown you look fantastic! In fact they all do!
    Only just came across this page and it is a joy; from what I have read about the late Charles Shultz he would have been overwhelmed and delighted by this work.
    Snoppy is my hero,so may I offer my interpretation of an older dog: think Tai Chi, chess, Charlie Parker. He probably hung out with Steve Jobs, wasn’t impressed by Cannes but did go to Venice and Sundance; still had his private pilot’s licence, kept a rare, airworthy Sopwith Camel and he and Woodstock mentored a whole legion of bright young pups and chick. Think beagle with touches of Jack Nicholson and George Clooney. Heck, those guys probably came round to the dog house to play pool! It is a long time since I found something on the web which made me so happy. Peace and love.

  5. Ya can’t blame people for hating anime/manga’s style. It’s associated with things like excessive violence, over-sexualised characters, girlish looking young men and those endless, annoying “dueling/battling” kids cartoons that now swamp morning cartoons… GAH!!!!

    Is it any wonder some people grumble when the style is used on an innocent franchise (with it’s own unique art style) from a simpler time. LONG before the manga craze left Japan’s shores to dominate western media.

  6. Ok first of all this manga style does not look good and clean. Secondly… (and I have to say this) but Snoopy is not angry all the time or snooty!!! he is a happy funny character and he has different alter egos. NOT ONE!!!!

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