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Christmas at the Irredeemable Household

All in all, it was a good Christmas.  The kids woke up to a nice haul on Christmas morning and everyone seemed to enjoy the day.  We also visited with some in-laws that came by, and that seemed to go well.  On the whole, it was an enjoyable day with less stress than expected.

I got lots of various gifts (clothes, pajamas, tools, etc).  In the geek gift department I did pretty good.  As I’ve mentioned before, I got myself a new Netbook for Christmas. My wife got me the new Dark Knight DVD, as well as a USB handheld massager.  I can’t wait to try out the massager!  My step-son got me Iron Man and Thor toys from the Marvel Super-Hero Squad line.  Really cute toys.

Batman DVD, Marvel Heroes, and USB Massager

My good friend Ed got me the Doctor Who t-shirt below for Christmas.  It’s freakin’ awesome!  Even my wife completely understood the statement the moment she read it.  It’s really true!  When you become a fan of the show, you become somewhat attached to the lead actor.  When they leave the show and are replaced, most people have a really hard time adjusting to the new actor.  I know I had a really hard time adjusting from Tom Baker to Peter Davison.  Unfortunately, I can guarantee I’ll have a hard time adjusting from David Tennant to anyone else.  I’m not looking forward to that.  🙁

Doctor Who - You Never Forget Your First Doctor

Oh yeah, I got Moes and Firehouse gift cards too!  Yummy!

I hope you had a fantastically geeky holiday too!

4 thoughts on “Christmas at the Irredeemable Household

  1. 44 – The wife read your message and said, “Keep your hands off it!” 🙂

    And we already spent most of it. I wasn’t going to let that thing sit around unused.


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