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Dr Who – 11th Doctor to be announced Saturday

Doctor Who

Breaking news… The name of the actor who will replace David Tennant in Doctor Who will be announced on Saturday, January 3 at 5:35pm GMT.

You can read more at BBC News and Outpost Gallifrey.

Exciting news!

2 thoughts on “Dr Who – 11th Doctor to be announced Saturday

  1. WOW….how exciting!

    When they first mentioned Tennant leaving and started talking about Patterson Joseph, I was too excited. He was awesome in Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere as the Marquis De Carabas. I know he was in a couple of episodes, but they can always tie that back in to Bad Wolf and Rose or something.

    I will miss Tennant, but I am excited to see where this is leading!

  2. Joseph would be horrible, and a complete let-down after Tennant. Anyone, except the equally-execrable James Nesbit, would be better than him.

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