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Captain Awesome’s New Years Resolutions

Captain AwesomeLooking for some New Years Resolution ideas?  Why not try Captain Awesome’s suggestions! Here they are, stolen in their entirety from ‘Captain Awesome’s Tips for Being Awesome’ blog which you can read by clicking here.

(… in case you don’t know, Captain Awesome is from the awesome NBC TV show ‘Chuck’.  geez, get with the program, you geek …)

Captain Awesome’s New Years Resolutions

1) Be awesome. Everyone should strive for optimum awesomeness
in all situations. Remember: He who thinks he’s the most awesome… isn’t.

2) Help others be awesome. One of the most important things we can do is to make the world more awesome. Part of that is helping others maximize their awesomeness. For my part, I’m going to volunteer, save some lives and, oh, yeah, write a blog.

3) Don’t stress over things that aren’t awesome. Let’s face it, we all have days that are tough. The important thing to remember is that for every day that isn’t awesome, there are dozens, maybe hundreds of reasons to smile. So find something awesome about every day and focus on it. Awesome.

Happy New Year!
–Captain Awesome

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