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Podcast Appearances

Just a heads-up… I appeared in a couple recent episodes of the Views from the Longbox podcast.

Views from the Longbox Episode 66 was the 2008 Christmas Spectacular! My apologies to Michael as I should have mentioned this episode long before now.  It was a blast to record the Christmas episode of Views from the Longbox!  On this episode was Brad (from the Spider-Man Crawlspace), Big Honkin’ Steve (from Geek Out Online), Michael (from Views from the Longbox), and myself.  Good times and Christmas fun!

Views from the Longbox Episode 70 features Michael and I covering what’s coming up from DC comics in 2009.  It also includes my prediction of the secret identities of the new Nightwing and Flamebird in the Superman books.  Check out the cover of Action Comics #875 with Nightwing and Flamebird, then listen to the podcast.  You’ve got to hear it to believe it!  Just a warning, we really went for the throat on this podcast.  We were pretty negative and brutal.  Sorry if we said anything to offend.

This coming Wednesday, you should be able to get part two of our conversation where we tackle Marvel in 2009.

A new podcast worth checking out is “Technical Difficulties“.  It’s done by my crazy tech friends at The Unique Geek; Jon, Ed, Todd, and Terry.  While I’m not on this podcast, they have managed to make fun of me at least once.  With friends like these…

In all seriousness, I recommend you check out this podcast.  I’m not much of a techie; maybe a 4 on a scale of 10.  I found everything in these podcasts easy to understand and very interesting.  Give ’em a try!

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