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DC’s ‘Fables’ Commercial on ABC

You may have heard that ABC is developing Bill Willingham’s DC comic ‘Fables’ for television.  If you have not, you can read about it by clicking here. Here is the first commercial.  Enjoy!


My New Blog… Firestorm Fan

Because apparently I don’t spend enough time blogging already, I’ve started another blog!  FIRESTORM FAN – A blog dedicated to DC Comics Nuclear Man – Firestorm!  You can find it at I’ve been running ONCE UPON A GEEK for nearly a year now.  While I love blogging about anything and everything geeky, I wanted to start another […]


REVIEW… P-Brane: The Green Man

P-Brane: The Green Man Written by Chris X Ring; Directed by Jesse Heffring; art by Angus P Byers and Jesse Heffring; produced by Quietus Films. I know what you are thinking… “Huh?  A graphic novel called ‘P-Brane’?  What is that, Vertigo or something?”  To answer your question, no.  P-Brane: The Green Man is a very […]


PVP Online – Your Order Has Shipped

Here is yesterday’s PVP online strip.  I can totally imagine this happening with me and my wife! However, I imagine my wife’s reaction would be dramatically different than Jade’s was.  Check out PVP online today for the follow-up. Special thanks to Scott Kurtz for granting me permission to reprint this strip.  You can read this strip […]


Obama Meets Spider-Man (or Mr. Spider-Man Goes to Washington)

If you’re a geek and haven’t heard about this already, then you live under a rock (probably a rock in your parents basement).  On January 14, President-Elect Obama makes his nationwide comic book debut in the Marvel Universe in a special bonus story in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #583. From Marvel’s press release for the issue: “This […]


Rejected Star Wars Product Designs

These are awesome!  I simply love these rejected Star Wars product designs.  To see more and to read the story behind them, click here. This is exactly what every geek needs for Saturday afternoon! I seriously would buy one of these sun shields right now!  I’ve got cash ready! This are hilarious!  I’d love to […]


Matt Smith vs. The Irredeemable Shag

More than a few people have told me that they see a resemblance between Matt Smith (the newly appointed 11th Doctor) and myself when I was younger.  Below you’ll find a picture of Matt and a picture of a very young Irredeemable Shag.  Other than the fact that we both have really bad hair in […]


Writing for Superheroes

I stumbled across this really cool site that gives tips on how to write for superheroes – Superhero Nation: a superhero writing advice site.  They offer their advice and observations about writing, editing, marketing and selling a novel. They also provide resources for the authors of superhero stories. Here is an indexed list of posts […]


Welcome Aboard the TARDIS, Matt!

I’ve bought into it.  I’m convinced.  I’ve been brainwashed.  I’ve drunk the kool-aid.  I’m actually getting excited about Matt Smith taking over the role of the Doctor.  Not that I’m anxious to rush David Tennant out of the role, after all he’s my favorite Doctor of all time (just beating out Peter Davison and Tom […]


DC Comics Sleep Pants

While I was in Colorado shopping for my new Netbook, I stumbled across these awesome DC Comics Sleep Pants!  I simply had to have them as I can never have too many sleep pants, and I’ll buy just about anything with Aquaman on it.  The art features some great Bronze Age images of DC heroes; […]

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