Irredeemable… the comic?!?!

Coming this April from BOOM! Studios, Mark Waid writes a new comic entitled, Irredeemable.

Seriously?  I wasn’t consulted about this.  I’m not sure who should be more offended — me or Robert Kirkman.

All kidding aside, this looks like an interesting read.  I know I’ll be getting it.  If nothing else but to check for copyright infringement.  :)

You can read more about this series from Mark Waid at Newsarama and Comic Book Resources.

Now if Mark Waid starts another book entitled, Bombastic… I’m suing!

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4 Responses to “Irredeemable… the comic?!?!”

  1. Sghoul Says:

    not entirely sure you can sue, considering you stole part of YOUR name from Irredeemable Ant Man

  2. Steven Marsh Says:

    I just had a flashback to Cosmic Cat days, and thinking — if this book was a hit — it would almost certainly play havoc on the filing system:

    “Okay; we’ve got 16 people down for IRREDEEMABLE… Oh, and another four for IRREDEMABLE. And seven for IREDEEMABLE. And two for ERIE DEEMABLE? What the heck?!”

    “That’s okay; we ran out 25 subscribers ago; I think we based orders on the ‘IRREDEMABLE’ spelling.”

  3. Voice of the Red Skull Says:

    Don’t forget to protect “Irrepressible”!

  4. Shag Says:

    Steven – Ouch. That’s harsh.

    Red Skull – I would never forget to protect the Irrepressible Gena! She’s my sweetie pie!

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