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Mountain Dew… the lifeblood of geeks

I’m a Mountain Dew addict.  If you’re a geek, then it’s quite possible that you are too.  It just tastes so friggin’ good.  And the mega-jolt of caffeine is perfect for those late night gaming sessions, web surfing, comic book reading … or really just about anything.  I tried swearing off the stuff for a while, but I failed miserably.

One of the things I like about Mountain Dew is that they understand their consumers.  Mountain Dew has embraced the geek community for years and supports projects that we are interested in.  For example, back in 1999 Pepsi did a series of special cans in conjunction with the release of Star Wars: Episode I.  You may not have liked that particular movie, but to be fair none of us really knew what to expect before it came out.  1999 was one of the years I tried to quit Mountain Dew, but the Star Wars cans brought me back to this sweet, sweet nectar.  After all, who wouldn’t want to drink Mountain Dew out of a Darth Maul can.  Awesome!

Then in 2007 there was a Mountain Dew bot in the movie Transformers.  Again, you may not have liked the film, but Mountain Dew was making an effort to work within our geek culture.

While geeks represent just one segment of Mountain Dew consumers, we are an important part.  We’re fairly loyal and we drink massive quantities. Personally, I think roleplaying companies (tabletop and video game) should try and work out sponsorship arrangements with Mountain Dew.  It would be a win-win for everyone involved.  Anybody remember the old Dead Alewives “Dungeons and Dragons” audio skit?

While looking for pictures of the Pepsi/Mountain Dew Star Wars cans, I came across this next adorable image.  I think this helps demonstrate the strong connection between geek culture and Mountain Dew.

I just heard there is a new ‘Dew hitting stores this month called Mountain Dew Voltage.  Yay for more ‘Dew!  I didn’t realize this, but Mountain Dew held an election (cleverly called the DEWmocracy election) that allowed fans to select the new flavor.  Over a quarter million people voted!  Props to my democratically-minded Dew-brethren!

According to their web site, the new Mountain Dew Voltage is charged with raspberry citrus flavor and ginseng.  You can win all kinds of prizes in Mountain Dew’s online sweepstakes.  Visit the Mountain Dew Voltage web site by clicking here.  Check your grocery stores for this new ‘Dew!  I know I will!

5 thoughts on “Mountain Dew… the lifeblood of geeks

  1. Those pics make me cry…I was so filled with hope, and then…

    A Mountain Dew can with Jar Jar Binks on it is a very, very sad thing.

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