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Science Fiction Book Club rocks!

The Science Fiction Book Club (SFBC) totally rocks!  I’ve been a member for years.  Each time I complete my commitment, I rejoin to take advantage of their bargains. Book clubs have a reputation for being overpriced, but the SFBC has a generous introductory offer and frequent bargains that definitely save you money. I recently completed […]


New Doctor Who Classic Cybermen Action Figures

I just got some new Doctor Who Classic action figures!  This time out it was a set of four Cybermen that were just released.  Each Cyberman came with a “Collect and Build” piece to create a fifth figure, the classic Cyber Controller.  I took a picture to show them off, but it didn’t come out […]


Motivational Posters

I found some funny Super Friends-related motivational posters.  Check them out by clicking here. They inspired me to create one of my own…


Muppets’ Robin Hood

How freakin’ cool is this?!?!?! Coming in April from BOOM! Studios… THE MUPPETS’ ROBIN HOOD #1 (of 4) Written by Tim Beedle, art by Armand Villavert Jr., covers by David Peterson and Shelli Paroline. The Muppets tell the Robin Hood legend for laughs, and it’s the reader who will be merry! Robin Hood (Kermit the […]


Are You Ready to Pay $3.99 Per Monthly Comic?

In case you hadn’t noticed, the price of your monthly comics has been creeping up.  For the past few years, monthly comics from Marvel & DC have cost $2.99 each.  Rumors have been floating around about a price increase on the horizon.  Well, Marvel is starting to move up.  For example, both New Avengers and […]


Check out FIRESTORM FAN today

Nothing new here at ONCE UPON A GEEK today, but you should really check out my new Firestorm pint glass over at today’s FIRESTORM FAN post.  It’s super cool. Besides the Firestorm pint glass, Toon Tumblers also produces a ton of other Marvel and DC pint glasses.  All the glasses are designed in the spirit […]


Black Costume Spider-Man Plush Toy

This plush black costume Spider-Man resides in my home office. Over the years, I’ve collected lots of geek related odds-and-ends which somehow find their way into my home office.  I think this one is particularly cute, especially since I really liked the black costume Spider-Man era.  However, I’m always careful to keep an eye on […]


Irredeemable… the comic?!?!

Coming this April from BOOM! Studios, Mark Waid writes a new comic entitled, Irredeemable. Seriously?  I wasn’t consulted about this.  I’m not sure who should be more offended — me or Robert Kirkman. All kidding aside, this looks like an interesting read.  I know I’ll be getting it.  If nothing else but to check for […]


Mountain Dew… the lifeblood of geeks

I’m a Mountain Dew addict.  If you’re a geek, then it’s quite possible that you are too.  It just tastes so friggin’ good.  And the mega-jolt of caffeine is perfect for those late night gaming sessions, web surfing, comic book reading … or really just about anything.  I tried swearing off the stuff for a […]


Doctor Who Anime

FACT: I’m not really a fan of anime.  I enjoyed Record of Lodoss War, but not much beyond that. FACT: I typically avoid anime whenever possible. FACT: I cringed when I first heard about this Doctor Who anime project. FACT: Paul “Otaking” Johnson wrote, drew, and animated this unofficial montage video. FACT: The video features […]

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