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New Doctor Who Classic Cybermen Action Figures

I just got some new Doctor Who Classic action figures!  This time out it was a set of four Cybermen that were just released.  Each Cyberman came with a “Collect and Build” piece to create a fifth figure, the classic Cyber Controller.  I took a picture to show them off, but it didn’t come out that clear (reflective silver paint plays havoc with camera flashes).

Cybermen Shown below (L to R): The Tenth Planet (1966), Tomb of the Cybermen (1967), Cyber Controller from Tomb of the Cybermen (1967), Invasion (1968), and Cyber Leader from The Next Doctor (2008).  Also shown, two Cybermats

Check your online retailers and order the Cybermen above today – don’t delay!  They are selling out quickly.  Also, near as I can tell the Tomb of the Cybermen figure is the same as the one offered in the SDCC two-pack

Once they release an Earthshock Cyberman, my cyber-race will be complete!  Then … YOU WILL BE LIKE US!

7 thoughts on “New Doctor Who Classic Cybermen Action Figures

  1. I get all my figures from “Who North America”. They have the best customer service of any retailer I’ve ever dealt with. That includes face-to-face retailers and online.

    Unfortunately, they are sold out already on a few of the Cybermen. But you can still get some of them from Who North America.

  2. They are great aren’t they? Mine came the other day and are already proudly displayed among my other Who figures. I love the little cybermats… need more of those 🙂

    Character are really getting into the swing of mixing up their releases between old and new stuff, which I’m pleased to see (especially with the First & Second Doctor figures on the horizon… then I’ll only be short a Third and 11th Doctor figure for that particular sub-group!)

  3. Take a look on the Outpost Gallifrey site at the logo for the new K-9 series.

    Reminds me of the Blake’s 7 logo.

    Especially how the logo can’t decide if the show’s name is K-9 or K-7.

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