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Watchmen – Saturday Morning Cartoon Intro from the late-80’s/early-90’s

This is freakin’ hilarious and brilliant!  It represents everything that was right (and wrong) with late-80’s/early-90’s cartoons.  Genius! Thanks to Michael Bailey of Fortress of Baileytude and Views from the Longbox for directing me to it.


Watchmen was AWESOME! **NO SPOILERS**

Just saw the Watchmen movie.  Man, it was great!  Don’t worry, no spoilers here.   I just had to say how much I enjoyed it.  Going in I was optimistic, but was still considering the option that it might disappoint.  I was wrong!  It surpassed my wildest dreams. At the start, I told myself to forget […]


Blue Devil Advertisement – June 1984

Here is an awesome advertisement from Blue Devil #1 (June 1984).  I’ve mentioned it here before, but Blue Devil is one of my top five favorite superheroes.  I think this ad really captures the fun of the series.  All the facial expressions are smiling and cheerful, Blue Devil is leaping into action, and there is […]

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