Blue Devil Advertisement – June 1984

Here is an awesome advertisement from Blue Devil #1 (June 1984).  I’ve mentioned it here before, but Blue Devil is one of my top five favorite superheroes.  I think this ad really captures the fun of the series.  All the facial expressions are smiling and cheerful, Blue Devil is leaping into action, and there is just an overall up-beat attitude to the ad.

Check out the size of BD’s horns!  They’re friggin’ huge! I can’t explain it, but exaggerated features like this just add to the image, rather than detract.

I love this book!

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4 Responses to “Blue Devil Advertisement – June 1984”

  1. Acrobatic Flea Says:

    Not wishing to sound like a numptie, but whatever happened to Blue Devil?

  2. Erika Says:

    If you haven’t done this already, I’d love to know who your top 5 are (OK, I know Aquaman and Firestorm are two of them) and why.

  3. Widge Says:

    “We’ve made comics fun again! But this is all a setup, because in just two decades we will make them so unfun you’ll never go into a comics store ever again! That’s right, fanboy, it’s going to be the worst relationship breakup in your sad, sorry, mostly solitary history! MOOHOOHAHAHA!”

  4. Shag Says:

    Thanks for the comments. Watch this space for more Blue Devil stuff soon!

    Acrobatic Flea – Most recently (as in about two weeks ago), Blue Devil appeared in the “Reign in Hell” mini-series. Prior to that, he was on the “Shadowpact” team. “Shadowpact” was a great comic, and the best handling of Blue Devil since Dan Mishkin & Gary Cohn (the original creators) wrote him. Here is his Wikipedia info…

    Erika – Firestorm, Blue Devil, Aquaman, Doctor Fate, and Flash. In that order. I’ve already dedicated a week to Aquaman and Flash, and have a separate Firestorm blog. Sooner or later I’ll do a Doctor Fate and Blue Devil week.

    Widge – LOL! Seriously! Hours after reading your comment, I’m still laughing!

    Thanks again for the comments!


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