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The Tomorrow People

Hell ya!  Here are the opening and closing credits for The Tomorrow People. This incarnation of the show ran in Britain from 1973 to 1979.  The premise of the show was reminiscent of the concept of Mutants from the X-Men.  The stars of the series were a bunch of teenagers that were supposedly the next […]


Back to the Future

Ready to feel old? Remember the first time you saw Back to the Future?  It was a pretty cool movie.  Remember when Marty traveled back in time to 1955?  I remember thinking that 1955 was ancient history.  It felt SOOOOOO long ago.  That was the era my parents grew up in.  To be exact, Marty […]


May 2009 Comic Preview

Over the last year, a few people have suggested I do a regular feature on upcoming comic books.  While I love the idea of sharing my commentary on upcoming projects, typing all the things in my head would likely break my keyboard (and my fingers).  So instead, I once again teamed-up with Michael Bailey to […]


Fanboys Movie Review

I saw Fanboys the movie last Wednesday night.  The film takes place in 1998 and revolves around a group of hardcore Star Wars fan attempting to sneak into Skywalker Ranch to see Episode I before it’s released. Y’know how some movies strike a chord with you?  Well, this movie is about you!  If you are […]


Doctor Who New Episode on Saturday

Only one more day until the new Doctor Who special, “Planet of the Dead”! I can’t wait!  Here is the trailer. If you can’t see the embedded video, click here.


MacGruber: Father and Son

This is hilarious! Shia Labeouf on the Saturday Night Live skit MacGruber! Umm… and not definitely not appropriate for kids.


Kid Trek: ‘Space Seed’ and ‘The Wrath of Khan’

Welcome to the first installment of KID TREK, a new infrequent segment here at ONCE UPON A GEEK! “Kid Trek” will be very similar to our “Kid Who” segments. “Kid Trek” will feature reviews of classic or recent Star Trek adventures from the perspective of a child. These short audio interviews are between me and […]


NEW POLL: Your Preferred RPG Resolution System?

When playing role-playing games, which action resolution system do you prefer?  Do you prefer the elegance and simplicity of a single die roll?  Or do you prefer the tactile sensation of a bunch of die clacking together in your hand just before you roll?  Do you believe in calculating the sum of multiple dice, or are […]


Teen Titans Year One

I love me some classic Teen Titans.  I love me some Robin, Wonder Girl, Kid Flash, Aqualad, and Speedy. I love me some YEAR ONE books.  I love me some BATMAN: YEAR ONE, JLA: YEAR ONE, ROBIN: YEAR ONE, and NIGHTWING: YEAR ONE. However, this is a case where two great tastes don’t taste great together. When […]


Blue Moon Ice Cream… the stuff of legends

Maybe it’s because I’m originally from Michigan, but I can’t get enough Blue Moon ice cream.  For those uninitiated, Blue Moon isn’t a place, it’s a flavor.  Wait… calling it simply a flavor doesn’t do it justice. It’s a taste delight! This ice cream is commonly found in the upper-Midwest states such as Michigan, Wisconsin, […]

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