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The Rambunctious Rascal’s First Blog Entry

We’ve got a special treat today… I’m pleased to present today’s ONCE UPON A GEEK Special Correspondent, my nine year old step-son, The Rambunctious Rascal! Just a little background for you, my step-son is not actually named “Rascal” but we’ll be calling him that for blogging purposes.  He expressed an interest in writing a blog post for y’all.  You may have heard his Kid Who or Kid Trek episodes here on ONCE UPON A GEEK.  If so, you know he’s got an interesting perspective on the world of geekdom.  Today he takes his first step into the wide world of writing; he dictated and I typed.   Without further ado, I give you The Rambunctious Rascal…


Okay what’s the deal with Superman? Well he’s supposed to live forever, but c’mon people, let Aquaman have a chance.  I know that he has two bad powers, but Peter David could make him have more powers, like something good. Like heat vision.  See-through-walls.  Claws.  Or just a gun.

See if Superman had Aquaman powers, then he would be canceled more than Doctor Fate.

Speaking of comics.  What if Aquaman fought Superman?  And Aquaman could summon some sharks and get them to bite Superman while he chokes him with Kryptonite in his mouth.

So I think you get my point.  So thanks for wasting your valuable time.

4 thoughts on “The Rambunctious Rascal’s First Blog Entry

  1. No way the writer of that post is only nine. When I was nine I could barely write my own name without my finger jammed in my nose 24/7. I couldn’t even spell Aquaman and I especially had no idea who Peter David was. That is scary smart.

  2. Dare I ask what you think of Hawkman?

    New perspectives are always appreciated, so keep up the posting, young man!

  3. Would Rascal like to write a guest post for the Shrine? He seems to have the same passion for the character as I do!

  4. My thanks to y’all for the kind comments. I appreciate the polite reception you’ve given him.

    Kal – Rascal dictated while I typed. So the spelling is all me, the words are all his. He’s very bright for his age.

    Luke – I’ll have to ask him about Hawkman. He plays with the Total Justice Hawkman action figure from time to time. I’ll see what he has to say. 🙂

    Rob – Awesome! I’ve e-mailed you separately about this. Super-cool!

    And watch for another Rascal post in the very near future!

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