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Doctor Who RPG Release Announced!

Finally! Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space role-playing game release has been officially announced.  Cubicle 7 Entertainment Ltd has been working on this for a LONG time.  It’s nice to see that they’ve finally been able to announce the month of release.  Watch for it coming in October to a den of geeks near you.

Okay, I just got permission from Cubicle-7 to reveal a long-held secret…

Myself and a handful of Unique Geek listserv members were playtesters for this new Doctor Who RPG!!!  Myself, Scott C (of, Sterling (of New Bard’s Press), Kevin Powell, and Shawn Linton were all playtesters for this RPG. We did the playtesting back in the first quarter of 2008.

While we can’t talk about the game or the mechanics, I can say that I’m excited for this game to come out!

Sweet cover to the box set too! It’s a box set!  I love RPG box sets!!!

8 thoughts on “Doctor Who RPG Release Announced!

  1. Be sure to check out my chapter on being a Gamesmaster!

    /shameless plug.

    But the game looks fantastic! Can’t wait to have a copy in my greedy mitts!

  2. Wow, good on you!

    As the owner of every iteration of the Dr Who RPG yet, you KNOW I’m gonna get my hands on this one as well. I’m gonna post my wish list for the game on the SBG Monday… feel free to slyly suggest how hot or cold I’m getting 😉

  3. I’m not entirely sure how you would RP a Doctor Who story (wouldn’t everyone want to The Doctor?) but you can’t fault their timing!

  4. Thanks to Acrobatic Flea for leading me to further information… This comes from ICv2..

    Cubicle’s Doctor Who RPG, which was created to appeal to both the experienced and first time gamer, comes in a deluxe box set that contains a 144-page Gamemaster’s Guide, an 86-page Player’s Guide, a 30-page Adventures Book, 4-page Quick Start Guide, Pre-Generated Character Sheets, Blank Character Sheets, Gadget Sheets, tokens and dice. (MSRP $59.95)

  5. I do hope it’s based on D20 system, if not, it will lose some customers. Anuyone who would buy the game is already in love with Doctor Who, but it needs to be playable and the problem with the FASA and Time Lords (that free version on web) is that the mechanics are super weak, flimsy and just leave way more questions than answers. Also, who is going to want to play the Doctor? why not play generic Gallifreians in the Doctor Who universe. i’m currently adapting Doctor Who to a d20 for a home brew. If this game does that and it rocks i’ll scrap or merge it with what I have, if not and this is just a bunch of course materials based that already are out in there in dozens of forms, i’ll pass.

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