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Podcasts: World War Z, Flash: Rebirth

Just a heads-up, I appeared on a recent podcast of THE UNIQUE GEEK.  This time out the crew was reviewing the zombie book World War Z by Max Brooks.  On the podcast was Jon (The Unique Geek), Cary, Widge (, Ron, and myself.  I’m not normally a fan of zombie stories (unless we’re talking George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead, Marvel Zombies, or Night of the Comet), so I was pleasantly surprised by how enjoyable World War Z was.  In fact, I was addicted.  I couldn’t put the book down!  If you’ve read the book, check out this podcast.  If you haven’t read the book, go read it now!  We’ll wait for you.


Additionally, if you’ve been reading Flash: Rebirth, I’ve been helping Michael Bailey over at VIEWS FROM THE LONGBOX review that series.  Our reviews of issues #1 & #2 are already posted, with our review of issue #3 to be posted on Wednesday, July 29.  You can check these out over at VIEWS FROM THE LONGBOX.

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