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You Gotta Go Anyway, So Why Not Go Geek

Today’s post is a bit morbid, but something we all have to think about eventually.  None of us really want to face it, but the truth of the matter is that the ONLY guarantee in life is that it’s going to end someday.  Once you accept that you’re gonna go no matter what, then you can decide how you wanna do it.  I don’t mean choose the circumstances of your death, but you can at least choose what happens to the body you leave behind.

If Michael Jackson can have a fancy coffin, why shouldn’t we?  In fact, we should proudly display our geekiness into the afterlife!  Here is a selection of geeky coffins I’ve found on the internet.  Kinda makes you think about your options, doesn’t it?

Below is a Star Trek themed casket and urn.  The casket’s styling was inspired by Spock’s photon-torpedo-casket in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.  Oops, I guess that’s a spoiler.  My bad.  Spock died, in case you didn’t hear about it back in 1982.  You can order your Star Trek casket and urn from Eternal Image.

The next four coffins come from T3 where they mocked-up a few different ones they’d like to see designed.  They were inspired by Creative Coffins, an environmentally-friendly company that promises to create almost any design from the dignified and beautiful to the quirky or humorous.

Below is one for all the folks who got injured by their Wii strap.  Should have kept it old school.

I don’t think you’ll be respawning after climbing into this one below.

Do you believe that violent video games can lead to real-life violence, and possibly death? Then below is the coffin for you!

For all you iPhone addicts, below is the final app.

And if you can’t afford the monthly plan on the iPhone coffin, then Nokia has one that might fit your budget.  You can see the one below and more unusual Ghana coffins over at

Well, we’ve seen the iPhone coffin from Apple, so of course there has to be a PC coffin.  The coffin below is for the techie in your life that never knows when to turn off the computer.  You can find more bizarre Windows-powered devices at

If you know me at all, you’d probably think this next coffin is the one for me.  This is the actual coffin for a die hard Doctor Who fan that died earlier this summer.

Even though I really like the TARDIS coffin above, I think I’d rather hold out for the one below.  Okay, this isn’t a coffin, it’s a desk.  However, if you applied the same concept to a coffin it would be brilliant!  What better way to go than in a block of carbonite!  At least you’d be perfectly preserved.  And you’d make a nice wall ornament too.  You can see more about the desk over at Tom Spina Designs.

My thanks to Ron over at THE UNIQUE GEEK listserv for inspiring today’s post.

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8 thoughts on “You Gotta Go Anyway, So Why Not Go Geek

  1. So much choice! Like you I favour the TARDIS, but am rather fond of the carbonite idea… possibly a bit too ghoulish though (having your own features frozen in the top of the coffin might freak out the loved ones gathered around to pay their respects)

  2. The PC casket should have a Blue Screen Of Death. 🙂

    Seriously, some of those actually look pretty cool but I don’t think my wife would let me buy one.

  3. Oh my gosh. Too funny. I agree. I love the Tardis and the homage to Star Wars. Would Han Solo accompany one to the after life, because that’s what I’d like.

  4. I think Eternal Image company is gone into recievership either that or ithey ve a very strange website. Cool stuff though.:)

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