Dragon*Con Recovery

Hey gang – I haven’t forgotten about the faithful readers of ONCE UPON A GEEK.  I’m just taking a few days off to recover from Dragon*Con.  I’ve just about finished sorting through and cataloging over 600 pictures for your enjoyment.

I should be up and running next Monday with Dragon*Con recaps, pictures, stories, swag, and more.

As a teaser, here are the Tweets I sent from Dragon*Con.  If you’re on Twitter, you can follow me @onceuponageek.

  • Looking at Dragon*Con schedule. I call B.S.! Saturday at 4pm @Widgett Walls reading. That’s gotta be a lie. We all know Widge can’t read!
  • Anyone who says the recession is reducing airline travel obviously didn’t have to wait in a long TSA security line like I just did.
  • Just got my picture taken with a life-size TARDIS! About to see stars of Torchwood at Dragon*Con. #doctorwho
  • My boss is trying to make me work from Dragon*Con. Meanie! And he’s following.
  • Holy crap! I’m on the cover of a comic trivia book for sale at Dragon*Con. Seriously.
  • Just saw panel with artist George Perez. Next up A-Team panel with Face/Starbuck & Murdock. Dragon*Con.
  • Took over 300 pics at Dragon*Con today. Camera battery dead. Gotta recharge.
  • Just met Alan Ruck (Ferris Bueller & Spin City) and got my pic with! Super nice guy. Dragon*Con
  • Actually filled my Camera memory card with 500 pics. Having to off load pics to laptop so i can take more. #Dragoncon
  • Best t-shirt at #Dragoncon , “… And then Buffy killed Edward. The End.” LOL!
  • Another great #dragoncon shirt, “I just had an evilgasm.”
  • Both Eureka creator and Leonard Nimoy panels cancelled today. Aaarrrggghhh! Now in long line Stargate panel. Is it worth it? #Dragoncon
  • Waited in Stargate stars panel line around the building. Now sitting in 5th row. Sweet! #Dragoncon
  • At all-night Gonzo Sound & Vision film & music fest! Music, celebrities, and hilarious videos. #Dragoncon
  • In line for Patrick Stewart. Number 400 out of 1500! #dragoncon
  • Patrick Stewart panel about to start. He was great in Men in tights! Maybe he’ll talk about Dune too. Was he in anything else?
  • At TheUniqueGeek.com Board of Directors dinner. Now serving party of 21! #Dragoncon
  • Patrick Stewart Q&A on Sunday with 1,500 people was great! He really enjoyed the question I asked about Nemesis dune buggies! #Dragoncon
  • #Dragoncon is over for me. On plane home with over 800 pics to sort through, tag, and upload to Flickr. Watch for them this week.
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One Response to “Dragon*Con Recovery”

  1. Chris Says:

    I used to hit Dragon Con every year for over a decade, but stopped going recently (which is odd considering I now live in Atlanta). My only complaint about the con is that over the last decade there seems to be a lesser sense of importance placed on comics and a larger one put on science fiction and pop culture in general. Plus I really feel like the event has outgrown the venue by leaps and bounds.

    Still, I have fond memories and, who knows, may hit it up again next year. Glad to see you had a good time and got some good pics.

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