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Looking for Feedback from ONCE UPON A GEEK Readers

Hey gang! More of an administrative post today.  I was hoping to get some feedback from you readers about a change I’ve recently made to the blog. If you look in the right-hand sidebar I’ve added two Twitter feeds, one for comic books and one for Doctor Who (both popular topics here).  I thought this […]


Dragon*Con Recovery

Hey gang – I haven’t forgotten about the faithful readers of ONCE UPON A GEEK.  I’m just taking a few days off to recover from Dragon*Con.  I’ve just about finished sorting through and cataloging over 600 pictures for your enjoyment. I should be up and running next Monday with Dragon*Con recaps, pictures, stories, swag, and […]


Twitter is Good for Something – Matt Sturges Autograph

Matt Sturges (writer of comics such as Jack of Fables, Shadowpact, House of Mystery, and Blue Beetle) frequently holds contests via Twitter.  He held one a few weeks ago asking people to send him their favorite quote from his Blue Beetle run.  I sent him the quote, “Consider yourselves defeated. And nerds of the Earth, […]


Once Upon a Geek on Twitter

You can now find ONCE UPON A GEEK on Twitter. Clearly I was brainwashed this week by listening to all those presentations about social networking.  If you asked me a week ago, I would have said I thought Twitter was pointless.  After hearing a presentation on how to use Twitter productively, I’m willing to give […]

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