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Musings of a DragonCon Addict’s Wife

Presenting another very special blog entry by my wife, The Irrepressible Gena!  Just a little background for you, my wife is not a geek.  She’s a wonderful (and gorgeous) normal person.  So I thought her perspective would be interesting to share here.  Without further ado, The Irrepressible Gena’s thoughts on DragonCon

Labor Day Weekend … The weekend my husband looks forward to all year, to sleep in a hotel room with at least five other guys, eat junk food all weekend, and see science fiction celebrities, comic book artists and scantily clad women dressed as superheroes. I’ve seen the pictures… some of them should not be wearing those outfits. My mom, myself, plus our two children get a condo in Destin for the weekend and spend time at the beach, the pool and visiting my other relatives who are staying in a condo nearby. We have fun. It is my time bonding with my children and my mom. You see, I love the beach and Shag hates the beach (Editor Note: Names have been changed to protect the innocent. Believe me, there is no way my wife will call me Shag). Shag loves superheroes and science fiction, and my science fiction is Twilight, True Blood and Eureka. I don’t “get” his stuff, and he doesn’t “get” my stuff. They do say opposites attract.

Anyway, I know Shag has good time and he enjoys seeing his pals. He gets excited seeing Dirk Benedict, Lou Ferrigno (for the fourteenth time) and watching the parade (I have seen the parade before and it was pretty cool). I was excited this year that Eric Roberts was there (I am sure Shag is laughing at this) and some Twilight folks were there, too. The beach is my solitude. I look across the ocean and I am exactly where I want to be. Here is the catch, I don’t like being in the water. You see, there are things in the ocean – big things – that eat you and bite you. So my toes go in, and I hang out in my chair.

I like looking at Shag’s pictures afterward of all of the costumes. Some are pretty cool, and some I don’t quite understand. Why does some one dress up like Steve off Blue’s Clues at DragonCon? I’ve come to understand some of my husband’s science fiction addictions like Doctor Who. I watched some of the episodes with Christopher Eccleston and was quite upset when David Tennant came along. Then you get used to him and they switch him again! My kids like superheroes. Our daughter likes to wear her Supergirl costume and both kids like going to the comic book store.

I do realize that Shag could instead be an avid hunter or golfer instead of my geek. Then I would never see him and I would have dead animals hanging on my wall. For those of you who do not know me, I am an animal lover and a long time vegetarian. So, I think I will take geekdom, DragonCon and ONCE UPON A GEEK any day.

I do love him very much. He is the person I waited for all of my life. So, let him have his weekend with the guys in the tiny hotel room all snoring. Let him have his Incredible Hulk. I have him the rest of the year.

6 thoughts on “Musings of a DragonCon Addict’s Wife

  1. thanks Gena! DragonCon has become my Christmas, and mostly because i get to see lots of my friends all in one place at one time!

  2. My wife has come to a handful of small (read: Days Inn ballroom) comic book shows and a few “Big Annual Sales” at my local comic book and gaming shop, but she is not into that kind of stuff. She makes a point of finding some other fun to do when I go to a Con or something.

    It’s a good thing that us geeks find loving, caring wives who put up with us and our goofy hobbies.

  3. I just saw this and wanted to say that you are awesome. Shag talked about you during the “board meeting/dinner.” 🙂

    PS – if you come to Atlanta with him one year, you can:
    a) get your own hotel room (so you don’t have snoring guys)
    b) sit by a pool (toes in water) the whole time – and virtually alone! (many fans don’t like the dayball)
    c) go to the High Museum, Aquarium and other places without kids or Hub!

    Would love to meet you if you ever come!


  4. Leigh: One year I did come to Atlanta when my brother lived there. Of course, I was pregnant with our little girl. So while I was having morning sickness, Shag was having fun. It seemed like every time I spoke to him that weekend, I was feeling a little green. After that experience, we decided to go to the beach! The kids and I love to hear stories about the Con. I get cool texts and pictures throughout the weekend. I have to say I am kinda jealous of his weekend. Celebrities, friends, and lots of fun vs. sharing a small one bedroom condo with two kids and my Mom. He deserves the time away to hang out and talk “shop.”

    – Irrepressible Gena

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