Shag’s Comicatorium (a.k.a. Shag’s Sanctum Sanctorum) Update

Because nobody demanded it! Here are some updated pictures of my Comicatorium (a.k.a. Shag’s Sanctum Sanctorum).  Did some rearranging recently and I’m pretty pleased with the results so I figured I’d show it off here.  My thanks to the Irrepressible Gena for her assistance and inspiration.

Biggest change below is the new flat-screen monitor for the desktop!  Hooray!  Love it!

Added a new bookcase, which will help get some things organized.  I still need to fill the shelves (which won’t take long).  Yes, the top shelf of the left bookcase is entirely full of Doctor Who audio dramas, and the middle bookcase is almost entirely full of Doctor Who books and RPGs (with Doctor Who videos and magazines stacked on top).  Some of those book shelves are actually stacked three deep.  Feel free to be jealous or horrified.  Your choice.

This corner is most interesting because all the yard equipment is gone!  We enclosed an outside shed-like-thing and moved all the yard equipment out there.  So my Comicatorium is no longer an impromptu garage.  Also, got my Tom Fleming prints framed and hung.  Loving them!  Thanks to Sterling for buying the Aquaman print and starting my love affair with Fleming’s work.

Finally, here is the overflow of comic boxes from my closet.  The nice thing is that they are alphabetized and organized!  Hooray!  I’m now up to 47 comic long boxes.  I’m dreading ever moving again.

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10 Responses to “Shag’s Comicatorium (a.k.a. Shag’s Sanctum Sanctorum) Update”

  1. 44 Says:

    Shag’s Comicatorium II, this is NOT the original Comicatorium. AKA Shag’s Sanctum Sanctorum, AKA 44’s room.

    Horrified. Or maybe just SAD for you, so much wasted time with that Who crap…

  2. Ed Says:

    I’m really happy for you for finally getting a new flat screen monitor for your PC. Looks good. Now it’s time to start considering a second one for dual navigating.
    I’ll turn you into a tech geek someday. :)

  3. Luke Says:

    Sweet merciful crap!

    I have all of my stuff crammed onto one bookcase and a closet. 47 longboxes?! Damn!

  4. The Sexy Armpit Says:

    phenomenal job. JEALOUS! not horrified! lol. I wish I was this organized!

  5. Christian Says:
  6. Irrepressible Gena Says:

    It looks so much better! The wife truly appreciates it!

  7. Acrobatic Flea Says:

    So organised! Seeing this really makes me want to knuckle down and tidy my games room. Very inspirational!

  8. Shag Says:

    Wow! I really thought this would be the most ignored post of the year. Thanks to everyone for the kind words!


  9. Acrobatic Flea Says:

    There’s nothing that gets a geek’s juices more fired up than seeing another geeks horde of well-displayed treasures :-)

  10. Erika Says:

    I’m jealous! But you really should be using a Mac …

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