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Batman: The Brave and the Bold Defends Itself

Batman: The Brave and the Bold (BBB) has come under fire from hard-core Batman fans.  They feel the lighthearted representation of Batman in this cartoon takes away from the “Dark Knight Crusader” version they consider to be the “real” Batman.  The BBB version of Batman certainly is a departure from the one depicted in: Batman: The Animated Series, Justice League Unlimited, The Batman, and Batman Beyond.  However, does that make it any less valid?

Here is how Batman: The Brave and the Bold addresses the issue. Scenes taken from the episode “Legends of the Dark Mite!” which originally aired back in March.

I loved this! By the way, did you notice the Joker at the convention looked remarkably like someone?

8 thoughts on “Batman: The Brave and the Bold Defends Itself

  1. Batman B&B needs no defense. If a Bat-Fan can’t at least appreciate it on it’s own merits, then they are not a true “Bat-Fan.” Batman is more than one sole incarnation, which is the primary reason he has thrived as a character for seventy years.

    BTW the Bat-Mite episode was fantastic – the Bob Clampett homage was particularly awesome.

  2. i totally agree w/ bubba, there is plenty to love about BBB. I never would have chosen Oswald as the voice of Batman but he does a great job. My favorite episodes were the two with the alternate dimension where the heroes and villains were reversed, owlman was cool and the good joker was a poetic twist.

  3. Geeze do I love the stink out of this show. I have to wholeheartedly agree with the previous posters. If you can’t appreciate the fact that Batman is a hell of lot more than a dude with suit of armour and a sore throat then you’re truly not a Batfan. The team ups and teasers on this show are dynamite. B’Wana Beast? Bronze Tiger? Kamandi? Where else would you see these characters?

  4. This show is so good, and the geeks complaining that it’s not “dark” enough need to calm down. Lord forbid we make comic book characters accessible to young children.

  5. I love this show and the complainers need to get over it. It lets you see interactions that would never see anywhere else. People forget Batman hasn’t always been the “dark” character he is today.

  6. Its absurd after almost 70 years that fans still demand there is only one Batman, and all other versions are somehow illegitimate.

    The makers of BBB obviously love the character–they get all the details right–but they have their own spin on it, and I really love it. I hope the show goes on for a long while!

  7. Yeah Batmite is right except for one thing if I want to see a lighthearted batman I would rather watch the old 60’s show or the superfriends not this abomination. why can’t the idiots at warner Bros learn to recycle if they want to water down batman at least do it right!! no need to waste valuable materials creating this monstrosity use what you already friking have! Are they saying that modern day kids are too ass-backwards to get into superfriends or old batman show which just oozes silver age?! its sad how far entertainment has devolved and how simple minded fans have become. I know batman can be “interpreted” anyway he wants I just don’t get why can things can be left alone but then again I’m just a so called deluded fan and my opinions don’t matter only my money for shame………………

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