Possibly the world’s most perfect geek food

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to try a bizarre recipe: Macaroni and Cheese Pizza.  At first I was horrified by the concept.  Then I considered the components.  Mac & Cheese = Good.  Pizza = Good.  Hmmm… I started to wonder if maybe these are two great tastes that taste great together.  I’ve long considered macaroni and cheese to be a staple food in the geek diet; and obviously us geeks like pizza.  So perhaps this would be an excellent melding of two popular geek favorites.

When the macaroni and cheese pizza was served I was again terrified.  I mean c’mon, look at the picture below.  Yikes!

I psyched myself up and took a bite.  Not bad.  I took a second bite, still not bad.  In fact, tasting pretty darn good.  My ten year old step-son decided to try some as well.  By the end, we were arguing over who got the last piece!  Was it amazing?  No.  Was it good and worth having again?  Absolutely.

So while it wasn’t the greatest pizza ever, it may be the best comibination of geek favorites.  Now if only I’d had a Mountain Dew to wash it down with.

12 thoughts on “Possibly the world’s most perfect geek food

  1. The Mac & Cheese pizzas I’ve had in the past did not include the tomato sauce and general pizza cheese that yours seems to feature–interesting!

    But it’s like those Pasta Bread Bowls–carbs inside of carbs! Tasty, sure, but the antithesis to anything remotely healthy.

  2. If you like mac and cheese, fried mac and cheese isn’t bad either. I would rank that as pretty good geek food next to this.
    However, your geek drink may be off, at least on the tech geek side. The energy drinks have pretty much replaced the lower caffeine content of Mountain Dew in the past five years or so.

  3. This is a low-carb recipe, right?

    At the pizza-buffet restaurant Cici’s (IIRC, there’s one in Tally), they have this on the buffet fairly often. It’s pretty yummy there, too.

  4. I find this horribly disturbing. And yet, I can’t help but think it’s got to be healthier than deep-fried Twinkie dogs wrapped in bacon, and other “food” I saw at the fair this year.

  5. Mac & Cheese pizza is a staple of the Cici’s Pizza buffet. Like all Cici’s Pizza, it’s on the mediocre side, but even there you can tell it’s a sound concept.

  6. Ummmm… just got my Cholesterol levels that were taken on Monday (the day after eating this pizza). Yeah… I won’t be eating any more of these any time soon. Lipitor… take me away!

  7. C’mon “H”! Bring it!

    Also, fried macaroni & cheese is awesome! Sonic had mac & cheese bites that were breaded and fried. Even better than this pizza!

  8. I think one of my arteries just shut down. But, if you found out a way to wrap it around a stick you could make a crapload of money selling this at a fair, just sayin.

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