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Star Wars Toys from Kenner Advertisement (1979)

Check out this advertisement for Star Wars toys available from Kenner.  This ad appeared in comic books in late 1979.  I owned nearly all of these toys.  The only item on this page I didn’t own was the Imperial Troop Transporter (it wasn’t in the film, so I wasn’t interested).  Given the amount of Star Wars product on the market today, it’s hard to remember a time when there wasn’t much available.  The idea of owning all Star Wars products nowadays is nearly inconceivable.   Ahhhh… the good ole days.

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4 thoughts on “Star Wars Toys from Kenner Advertisement (1979)

  1. I was just thinking this the other day as I was walking through the toy aisle of Target. Even now, it’s a problem for (say) a Doctor Who collector. I’ve limited myself almost exclusively to Big Finish Doctor Who stuff, having to pass on (say) novelizations-on-CD from the BBC, NuWho audios, etc. Even with those restrictions, I’ve been struggling to keep up with the Big Finish Doctor Who spin-offs…
    I wonder if license-holders make conscious decisions about juuuuuust how far they can push their luck with customers.

  2. I love this ad! I just noticed that you posted this and then I posted the exact same ad on my blog like three weeks later. Yikes! Sorry if I look like a copycat! 😉 Great minds thinking alike, I guess!

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