Star Trek Starfleet Academy Sweatpants

Here are some sweatpants I picked up back in 1995.  I really like the novelty of having “Property of Starfleet Academy Athletic Department” printed on them.  Most people don’t even notice what is printed on the sweatpants because so many schools print “Property of … Athletic Department” on their clothes.   Also, if you enjoy Starfleet Academy stuff, then dig up back issues of Marvel’s Star Trek Starfleet Academy comic book series from 1996-1998.  It was very enjoyable!

Here is a close up of the logo.

I’m such a dorky Trekker.

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  1. Steven Marsh Says:

    I have a “Gotham City Athletics” gray T-shirt that I still love. (I’m an absolute sucker for “real world” props…)

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