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The Irredeemable Lantern

I finally got around to visiting the comic shop this past weekend after nearly a month away.  Awaiting me were my Blackest Night Green Lantern rings!  I’m probably the millionth geek to relive this moment, but here it is anyway… my tribute to Green Lantern #49 (1994).

6 thoughts on “The Irredeemable Lantern

  1. And you wonder why I have to leave when so much geekiness fills the room. Actually that is pretty cool, but why not paint yourself green too or put on your green lantern mask?

  2. I’m just waiting for my Red Lantern ring to arrive in the mail, then I’ll be cool like you!

    Which is, umm, pretty nerdy, actually.

    And nerdy is the new cool!

    BTW, from whence did you get the Alan Scott ring?

  3. I think I got the Alan Scott ring when I bought the Alan Scott DC Direct figure several years ago. At least that’s how I remember it.

  4. OMG…I am wet…wet…just looking at that….I would wear them all in a little pouch around my neck till I get beat up for them not working when i try to save the day.

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