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Latest Doctor Who Trailer and First Moments of Premiere

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The season premiere of Doctor Who airs this Saturday, April 3 on BBC1 (Saturday, April 17 on BBC America).  Below you’ll find the latest trailer as well as the first few moments of the premiere.  I can’t wait for this!  Maybe I’ve been brainwashed by hype, but I really think Matt Smith can pull off the role of the Doctor.

Once you’re done with those videos, check out these Doctor Who life-size cardboard stand-ups.  I’m seriously considering ordering the TARDIS for my Comicatorium.

6 thoughts on “Latest Doctor Who Trailer and First Moments of Premiere

  1. ” I’m seriously considering ordering the TARDIS for my Comicatorium.”

    Great, even less room for me.

  2. Still scratching my head over the gun. I’ll have to see what context it appears in, whether it’s something he carries or if it just happened to be the right tool at the time, but I have to wonder what point they’re trying to make with it. The Doctor with a gun just seems like, I dunno, like Superman with a bomb. Redundant, and kind of scary.

  3. I imagine the gun is to purposely get our attention. Since a gun played such a big role in THE END OF TIME, I think this trailer is supposed to scare us. When in fact, it’s more likely it’s the right tool at the right time (as you mentioned).

  4. I have to say I have mixed feelings about the new Doctor. That is mainly because I was late in getting into the whole series (final 1.5 years of the 10th Doctor) so I feel like I’ve not had enough time with him. I do think Matt Smith will be just fine, though. Here’s hoping.

  5. Can’t wait for Saturday. It’s a bit weird that DW is being shown on BBC USA the same day – it’s not like any company extends that courtesy to us when showing tv shows (although we do get South Park two days later!)


    Matt Smith is going to be brilliant!

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