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Slush Puppies and Marvel Saga – Take Two

The internet is truly amazing.  Back in February I wrote a post about Slush Puppies and sense memory.  In the post I talked about how much I enjoyed drinking lemon-lime Slush Puppies and reading Marvel Saga comics at my mom’s office when I was 13 years old.  Well, thanks to the internet I’m reliving my childhood.

Slush Puppie and Marvel Saga

After I wrote the post, I put a comment on the FACEBOOK page for Slush Puppie Official Site.  I asked where to find a Slush Puppie machine in my hometown.  I didn’t honestly expect a response, but I got one!  They provided the phone number for the local distributor of Slush Puppies.  I got in touch with him and have been drinking Slush Puppies from a local BP gas station for the past couple weeks!  They even have my favorite flavor, lemon-lime!  Hooray!

Wait it gets better…  my mother happened to read my blog that day back in February.  Normally all this geek stuff isn’t her cup of tea, but that particular post mentioned her so it piqued her interest.  After reading the entire post, she went online and ordered me a copy of the Essential Marvel Saga volume 1.  How sweet is that!  My mom rocks!

25 years later and I feel like I’m a kid again!  My thanks to Slush Puppie, my mother, and the internet!

4 thoughts on “Slush Puppies and Marvel Saga – Take Two

  1. what Shag did not tell us is that he also went back to his mom’s old office and tried to read his Marvel Saga and drink his Slush Puppy there, but was not allowed to. His trespass writ for that building assures us that he will NEVER again read marvel Saga and drink Slush Puppies there…EVER.

  2. this is a great post man, it had that special kind of synergy that is perfectly showcased through a blog post. Moms and Dads always do surprisingly cool stuff like that. They know us better than we think they do. I’m like how you are but not with Slush puppies – moreso with ICEE brand ICEES and Watermelon Slammer from Friendly’s…that thing is amazing.

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