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TV Shows Worth Watching

TV for Geeks!

Just a quick post today on some TV shows that I’m currently enjoying.  I don’t watch much television nowadays, but when I do these are what I’m watching…

  • Doctor Who – Really enjoying the new season so far.  Matt Smith has far exceeded my expectations.  “Time of Angels” was fantastic!  Looking forward to the new adventure/video games!
  • Chuck – The new season has had high and low points.  Looking forward to what comes next.  Check out the NBC website, it’s got some really fun stuff like “Casey Facts” (think Chuck Norris jokes, but with Casey instead).
  • Stargate Universe – Great new series.  Very unlike previous Stargate shows.  More like BSG, but with less religious nonsense.  Compelling.
  • V – Very good re-imagining.  It’s debatable whether this series is better than the original mini-series.  Certainly better than “The Final Battle” and the subsequent TV series.
  • Eureka – Love this show!  It’s fun and the characters are fantastic! A great sci-fi gateway drug for non-geeks.

These aren’t current, but my kids have been watching old episodes of BraveStarr and TaleSpin (Disney’s Jungle Book meets Tales of the Gold Monkey) and loving them!

What shows are you enjoying?  Let us know in the comments.

14 thoughts on “TV Shows Worth Watching

  1. I’m watching the same geek shows also. To add, though, I watch The Big Bang Theory (Dude, you really need to watch this show. Full of comic book and Sci-Fi geekary), Flash Forward, Fringe, and Warehouse 13.
    I’m really looking forward to the upcoming season of Warehouse 13 and Eureka. There is way too big a gap in between these seasons.

  2. Okay, I was trying to remain silent on this issue, but I’ve now watched three episodes of BIG BANG THEORY and I still don’t care for it. Certainly I laughed and appreciated the geeky in-jokes, but overall I just felt it was a bad sitcom. Almost 1970s bad.

    I’m sure that will raise the ire in many geeks, but that’s just my opinion. I’ll probably try some more episodes simply for the gags and geeky in-jokes, but I don’t believe I’ll ever become a devote fan.

  3. Okay, I am stating the obvious here, but Shag, there is something wrong with you. That show is brilliant. It is definitely not a bad sitcom. You may think it is your opinion but, yet again, this is one of those repeating scenarios when you are just plain wrong.
    I love you anyway, bro.

  4. Normally I am not too nit-picky about sci-fi shows, but the new V lost me on the very first episode. The aliens come to Earth with giant TVs attached to the bottom of their ships to braodcast their message to the world in brilliant HD quality and yet, they couldn’t take a clear picture of our protagonists with their Phantasm styled ball-camera. Lame!

  5. Out of your list, I currently watch SGU and V. I loved Stargate:SG1 and tolerated Atlantis, and think I’m enjoying SGU quite a lot, a good mix of people and scifi stories. V is still interesting to me, even if it’s not perfect. It has some intriguing plot points that keep bringing me back.

    My husband watches Chuck, but he downloads it and I’m too busy so I’m behind a whole season, but once we get the DVD, I’ll catch back up!

    Eureka and Doctor Who I just missed to timing on and can’t seem to jump into to form a good opinion, though I want to see Wil Wheaton on Eureka!

    On that note, I previewed the first episode of Big Bang Theory in Vegas and told them never to show it. We were apparently the minority vote. I don’t like overdone geek stereotypes, and I do not like what I’ve seen of the women on that show, and I have never tried to go past the first episode which I couldn’t stand.

    I am also watching Caprica, which has been really nice in the way SGU is, more relationships and it’s own story, but related in a cool way to BSG which I loved. I am also a teeny bit obsessed with the show Supernatural, which is closing a five year story arc with a sixth season greenlit. I love most of the show, the acting, the stories, the integration of mythology, it’s just great. My husband likes it too, so it’s not just the cute co-stars (but that’s a bonus!).

    I watch some other TV, but next geeky down from there is House, so that’s enough here!

  6. I’ve been really digging the new Doctor Who, but I thought Time of Angels was lackluster and not-terribly-fresh; I’m hoping the conclusion redeems it.

  7. HA! I wasn’t going to say anything since it wasn’t a geek show but I watch, and love, Glee also. However, if you consider yourself a musical geek, then I guess it’s geek then, huh?

    *runs and hides with Stuart…while singing*

  8. I’ve only just now found your blog while searching for a Doctor Who book (apparently it’s got a PLAIN blue cover and was $99.99 after a 25% discount for Free Comic Book Day…any help here? lol). I have to wonder how I didn’t find your blog before. I consider myself a mainstream geek, but my friends would all just call me a geek!

    When David Tennant left Doctor Who (OMG…WHY!?), I thought for SURE that this kid Matt Smith was going to suck. Then…we watched the Eleventh Hour and we were very pleasantly surprised to find that Matt Smith…was doing a great job at playing the Doctor! The Victory of the Daleks airs in just under 6 hours on BBC America and I am looking forward to watching it (while feeling left out since we are weeks behind here).

    Other than that, we are really only watching V and BBC’s Survivors at this time. We used to watch Chuck, but not really anymore (we missed a couple episodes so we’ll wait for the DVD to watch the season). Oh, and we are anxiously awaiting the next season of Torchwood. I have a feeling that we may be waiting a very long time for it though. CoE was unforgivable to many, which is why I think they were looking to come to the US (where most people would have not seen CoE). Now that they aren’t being picked up by FOX…I don’t know what will happen. 🙁

    Anyhow…nice to find this blog! Happy Free Comic Book Day to you all!

  9. Shag,

    You and i have generally been pretty close but i am seeinga rift here. You always liked dr who and i know (of course) that is sucks. You like Chuck, i like Big Bang. I like Caprica you like SGU.

    Sorry to hear you don’t like Big Bang, but i think it is fantastic. As is Family guy!

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