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Dragon*Con 2010 Recap – My Weekend of Insanity (lots of pics!)

Dragon*Con, my home away from home.  I believe this was my 10th appearance at this convention and it was definitely one of the better ones! Attended lots of panels, hung out with my friends, met some celebrities, drank far too much, took over 600 photos, and generally had a great time.  Sometime in the near […]


TV Shows Worth Watching

Just a quick post today on some TV shows that I’m currently enjoying.  I don’t watch much television nowadays, but when I do these are what I’m watching… Doctor Who – Really enjoying the new season so far.  Matt Smith has far exceeded my expectations.  “Time of Angels” was fantastic!  Looking forward to the new […]


The Visitors Arrive Tomorrow

Tomorrow the Visitors arrive and they’re here to stay… again.  On Tuesday at 8:00pm the Visitors of “V” once again grace our screens after a 24 year absence. Long time readers of ONCE UPON A GEEK may remember that I’m a big fan of the 1980s phenom “V” (click here for other “V” related posts), […]


“V” Remake – First Video Footage

Long time readers of ONCE UPON A GEEK may remember that I’m a big fan of the 1980s phenom “V” (click here for other “V” related posts).  On Tuesday ABC released two clips from their upcoming “V” reimagining. ABC’s remake of the 1980s miniseries “V” currently has been ordered for 13 episodes.  However it could […]


“V”… They’re Here to Take Our Sequels

It was only a matter of time until a new “V” series was announced. Last Thursday, Variety reported that ABC is developing a new “V” series written by Scott Peters (4400, Jericho, Burn Notice, and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles). The new story will feature some of the original concepts, but it sounds like many […]


Sabertooth: They’re here to take the water…

Looking for some background noise while I sorted through paperwork Saturday night, I turned on a Sci-Fi channel.  Being Saturday night, they were of course running their monster/creature movie of the week.  This time it was Sabertooth.  A TV movie made back in 2002.  It was pretty predictable for Sci-Fi: wild creature on the loose, young […]


Bates versus Lord

So I’ve been watching the “V” TV series.  Boy does it stink.  I’ve mentioned it here before, but the original mini-series was really good.  “The Final Battle” was okay.  And the regular TV series is almost unwatchable.  However, as I continue to plod my way through the TV series (why, I really don’t remember anymore), […]


“V – The Second Generation”: Shag’s Review

Originally posted to The Unique Geek listserv. So I bought and read “V – The Second Generation”. This novel is by Kenneth Johnson, the writer and director of the original “V” mini-series. On the whole, I enjoyed the book. I think it’s fair to say the story had some interesting ideas and was therefore enjoyable, […]

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